Welcome to the website of the Grace Covenant Church Of God. Our congregation is made up of a group of people
just like you who gather together to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our mission here is to reach a city,
county, country, and world with the love of Jesus. We are located in the heart of New Ellenton, South Carolina.
Our church holds weekly services on Sunday and Wednesday and we would love to have you come visit and make
us, your new church home. Feel free to visit our links to see information about our service times and our staff. God bless! For questions or information concerning Grace Covenant you may call 803-652-2103.
Office hours are 9am-2pm Monday-Friday... closed all day Wednesday


Do we have selfish faith or true faith? The adoring crowds that extolled Christ's entry into Jerusalem
on the foal of a donkey were not anticipating Him to be a spiritual Savior. They were looking for
another King David to deliver them from the rule of the Romans. They wanted to be free to do as they
pleased, not as God would direct them. This is proven by the fact that the loud "Hosannas to the King"
were shortly replaced with the gutteral shout of "Crucify...."

Only true faith can bend our hearts to the will of God. Only true faith can make us say truly and
honestly, "Not my will, but your will be done in all things in my life." This is the faith that transforms.
This is the faith that keeps us when the shifting sands of selfish desire move under our feet and
seek to sink us in selfish living.

This is the faith that not only shouts "Hosanna" in the midst of an adoring throng, but also shouts it
loud and clear at the foot of the bloody cross.

Today, let us affirm our faith and declare Him afresh and anew King of our lives!!

"Gather the fuel. Stir the embers. Fan the flame!!".
Pastor Foster

Grace Covenant Church of God, New Ellenton, SC

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